Gentry Fox Lets Us See ‘The View From Nowhere’

Gentry Fox

Surely we can all agree that 2020 was quite a wild ride of a year. Huge hardships were felt by all, both physically and mentally. For musicians, it was even a little tougher with the chance to perform music in front of an audience ripped away for almost the whole year. Fortunately, some artists have been able to turn these dark times into music. Our recent find Gentry Fox put his pen to paper to try and explain the wide variety of feelings that came up this year on new album The View From Nowhere.

Raised in the small town of Rock Springs in southwestern Wyoming, Gentry Fox dove into the arts and the business surrounding it. He is known as a rapper & hip-hop recording artist, record producer, actor & director, designer, label executive, and visionary entrepreneur. One of his biggest projects is his recording label and artistic collective SUB|ROK RECORDS

On November 27th, Gentry Fox and SUBROK RECORDS released his 3rd album The View From Nowhere. He tells us the 16-track record “is an introspective journey of perspective and self reflection during the 2020 pandemic crisis, studying the psychological output of a starving artist during an unprecedented period of political and socio-economic division, social isolation, & personal growth.”

The album opens with “Nowhere” and its hazy trance-inducing atmospheric sound. Soon the unique vocal style of Gentry Fox comes in to switch gears creating quite a diverse song. The smooth mellow background continues on “Chi” and “Lucid.” Guests such as Burnell Washburn and classic samples are brought in to give a fresh yet classic taste to the album.

Gentry Fox is able to share his own emotions within songs such as “Jaded” and “Distant.” Through a wild year it is truly refreshing to hear someone showing the dark side of what we all have been dealing with. Relatable music to let us get in our own heads. The straight talking lyrics of “Okay” dive deep into this darkness as well but Fox turns up the energy to grab the attention of the listener.

By the time we reach the closer “Somewhere,” Gentry Fox shows off some singing vocals in a duet that offers the hope that we can all use right now. There is a light at the end of 2020. We will all get there if we hold on.

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