Gitta de Ridder Explains ‘For Everything A Season’

Gitta De Ridder

In 2017, Singer-Songwriter Gitta de Ridder launched her project For Everything a Season through her website. Her goal was to create a three-track EP for each season and, in 2018, to bring them all together as an album or as a special box set. It would all have a common theme that she describes as “our journey and experiences through life and relationships.”


SPRING begins with “My Dear, Oh Boy, Oh Man” which is an instant highlight. It showcases what makes her music so captivating, with the combination of a gentle guitar style and vocals. This partnership glides throughout this song, which also includes her wonderful way with words: “I guess it’s time to try to cut these strings / I’m like a puppet in a show / So I can walk all on my own / but it seems these strings are all I’ve ever known.”


This formula can also be heard through the rest of SPRING during the songs “These Hands” and “Restless as a Bird”.


SUMMER arrives and with it, the tracks “Knowing a Ghost,” “Here’s the Plan,” and “All is Love,” all of which continue to sweep the listener away in de Ridder’s sublime vocals. “All is Love” brings something a little new to what her fans are used to with some blues style slide guitar. It brings a new side to her music arrangement and is something that would be welcomed with future releases.

‘For Everything a Season’ Shines a Light on the Talents of Gitta de Ridder


With AUTUMN, you get the strongest trilogy of songs in comparison to the other seasons. “The Wheel” has everything you come to expect from this songstress. However, “I Would” and “Every Inch Naked” are probably the best tracks from the album. De Ridder’s vocals are beautiful and at times haunting. When she sings like this, the emotional tone is simply enchanting.


Last but not least comes WINTER, which has more musical goodness similar to what the previous seasons have provided. “Forever in Your Heart” and “The Seasons Will Change” offer no surprises, just the usual high caliber of songwriting that consistently runs throughout the album. “No Words” ends this collection of songs with a stripped back sound that has that trademark collaboration of gentle vocals and guitar style.


For those who don’t purchase the special box set, you will miss out on the bonus track “Baby Darling Blue.” With its music box intro, it instantly offers something special. The vocals are stripped back as she shares this beautiful and tender lullaby.


For Everything a Season is a delightful collection of songs that showcases an impressive talent. She consistently creates music that is compelling because of the genuine emotion it shows. Gitta de Ridder has been floating under the radar for a while, but this will change with this release.

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