Coralcrown Releases EP ‘Birth,’ Featuring Single ‘Between The Lights’


Coralcrown begins his single “Between The Lights” with a dream-like synth, totally hypnotizing his listeners until the sharp guitar tune enters. The talented guitarist slowly and beautifully plays the introductory melody before the accompanying bass, drums, vocals, and pleasing harmonies enter and the track takes off.


A Look Underneath Coralcrown’s Crown


“Between The Lights” is about a timid guy asking a girl to dance, each of them battling their own insecurities. It forces the listener to reflect on the thoughts inside our heads that control our everyday lives, in both positive and negative ways. With Coralcrown’s smooth and accented vocals and catchy guitar melody, “Between The Lights” is a must-listen for all interested in the indie pop scene.

The upcoming EP, Birth, will feature “Between The Lights” along with three other tracks. “She Is A Saint,” “Whoever,” and “Treehouse” all feature clever lyrics, hummable melodies, and enviable guitar riffs that he proved he was capable of in “Between The Lights.” The EP is set to be released on April 13.


The London-based artist was not always known as Coralcrown. Luis Gotor took that name when he re-entered the music scene after facing disappointment due to the ending of his old band. London’s nightlife music scene inspired Gotor to take another chance with music. He decided to return to the music industry as a solo artist, giving himself complete authority and control of his own music, which he did not see when he was a part of his previous band.


Gotor’s creativity flourished, resulting in the birth of Coralcrown and his new EP Birth. His knack for writing lyrics and melodies, along with his ambition and musical inspiration, have resulted in his burst into the music scene at record speed. We can only wait to see what Coralcrown will come up with next.


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