Sofia Härdig Makes My Week With Single ‘My Week’

Sofia Härdig

Sofia Härdig could be considered the contemporary incarnate blend of every post-punk band ever.


Her album Changing the Order is soon to be out, but you can listen to her new single “My Week” now. The song is a dreamy ode to the mundane, with repetition of lyrics and instrumentation. Härdig creates a dense landscape that puts the listener into a trance and then, suddenly, she shakes you out of it with just her voice.


“My Week” is a multilayered net of effects that mimic the brain fog of the ordinariness of life today. This is where Härdig’s genius really comes out. She is creating a feeling and an imaginative, hallucinatory imagery that the viewer gets to experience. It becomes an immersive experience, a sensory experience. This is particularly impressive, considering the sole use of sound. The song is hypnotic and it was intended to be that way. Härdig hit the nail on the head.


Not only is the sound aesthetic impressive, but her voice is equally wonderful. She is a powerhouse of impassioned and emotional lyrics, whilst having a clear and somehow grumbly vocal quality that drives through the thick instrumentation. Through the song’s progression, Härdig becomes more fervent as she checks off the list of days in a week, growing more frustrated. Ironically, she sounds casually cool while listing off the banal activities that are making her go crazy.


‘My Week’ Has Dreamy Instrumentation Contrasted With Punchy Vocals from Sofia Härdig

“My Week” is a great mixture of time periods, the ’80s and contemporary alt-rock. The instrumental effects are well balanced and really showcase Härdig’s all-important lyrics. Everyone loves some good synth and this song is chock full of it. Perhaps the best part is that the whole post punk influence is just that, an influence. You don’t sit there thinking that this is just another artist trying to dig up past music, she is using it in an intelligent and sparing way that is of total benefit to the music. Look out for Changing the Order. Its going to be good.

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