Lord Nelson Gets Us “Through The Night”

Lord Nelson

One of the simplest and often overlooked parts of becoming a great band is getting out there and playing. Not in some basement with just the 4 of you but out there on the road. Getting out in front of new faces builds up the comradery of the bandmates. But more importantly, it is this practice that gets the music to a level where each instrument finds its place in the band’s sound. Our recent find Lord Nelson has put in their road time and the sound of their upcoming Through The Night record certainly shows that.


The band is based in Nelson County, Virginia and definitely shows a taste of southern rock in their sound. Lord Nelson is comprised of lead singer and guitarist Kai Crowe-Getty, multi-instrumentalist Henry Jones, his brother Calloway Jones on lead guitar, Andrew Hollifield on bass, and Johnny Stubblefield on drums. Together they provide a sound that is warm and inviting while showing signs of being road worn. Pianos, organs, horns are added to the southern guitar-driven sound to make it truly unique.


Next month Lord Nelson plans to release their latest record Through The Night. The 10 track record written on the road and between tours, explores dark themes of relationships and the current political climate of America. The band’s years of spirited live performances comes through on each song.



Lead single “Tail Lights” starts us off with an energy that is undeniable. We are welcomed into life on the road with the band and the challenges this career choice causes. The big chorus will have you bouncing your head and singing along. The powerful drum opening of “Second Chances” keeps the energy up until the mellow vocals and elegant guitar come in to soothe the weary soul. This is music that brings up emotions.


The excellent musicianship and addition of organ sounds on “Call Me” adds another layer to the Lord Nelson ethos. Some group female vocals take it even further. These electric piano sounds continue on “Safety Meeting” with great effect. The southern blues-based track shows the real feel of the band as the full soundscape of your speakers is filled with noise, including some harns to round out the beauty.


Lord Nelson provides a fun full sound for all to enjoy.


The in-your-face bassline of “Good Time” takes us to the dirty swamp sound with a positive spin of the simple pleasures in life that many of us often take for granted. This one can put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.


The band really comes together and shows true musical talent on “Southern Discomfort” with its interesting time signature and intricate drumming. The time together as a band has really paid off. As we hit the closer “Running On Back” there is something for everyone as an energetic group chorus demands us all to sing along.


We are all part of Lord Nelson now. Accept it and dive in for more on their WEBSITE and catch them on tour when you can.

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