Greg Bucking Spreads His Roots With Solo Debut

Greg Bucking

Being part of a band is a remarkable brother/sisterhood. After a while, we learn to know what the other band members are about to play. We can count on eachother to fill out the melody and turn simple jams into complete songs. BUT there is always a part of a songwriter that pens songs that may not fit within the confines of that band brotherhood. Some things that are maybe more personal or even tough for the others to comprehend. This is where the joy/pain of a solo album comes to be. Greg Bucking is about to experience this with his self-titled solo debut EP.

As a multi-genre journeyman, Greg Bucking has been writing songs and performing for decades. Being part of such established bands as the Americana/Folk The Vine Brothers, the Ska/Reggae outfit The Scofflaws, and Funk Rock collective Mother Freedom and Broken Carousel rounded out a long career. Along the way he made two finalist apearances in the International Songwriting Competition for his songs “Get Me To Arkansas” in 2018 and “East of Albuquerque” in 2016.

Now Greg Bucking has decided to branch out even further with his unique roots groove sound in a solo career. The songs inside his soul needed to come out one way or another. The result is his upcoming Greg Bucking EP set for release on January 14th. The 6 track debut touches on many genres including funk, blues, Americana, and rock n roll, but always stays true to his Roots music sound. A variety of guest musicians were brought in to help make it all a reality.

The multi-genre tone is set in motion with the opener “No Justice.” With a soft reggae feel and passionately delivered vocals we see that Greg Bucking has something to say. An assortment of layered guitars lays down a sonic blanket for the lyrics to reach the heart and soul of the listener. 

The energy kicks up with “Roll In The Sunshine”, a rootsy funk track. A solid bass groove pushes the track ahead while a group of wild guitar lines take their turn showing off some true talent. The vocals come hard and fast but are still delivered in Greg’s unique laid back way. 

We go from there and take a hard right turn to “Atlantic Ocean”. Here we get a folky ballad to the beauty of the East Coast seaside. Hints of a Neil Young style come to mind. There is a story to tell while the easy going vibe lets us sit back and relax to soak it all in. Grammy winning Bluegrass guitar picker Andy Falco lends his skill here as well.

Roots remain but on “Tango In The Park” we get a latin guitar vibe to shift into another direction. Santana-esque guitar fills as a steady rhythm churns ahead. The two and a half minute instrumental has some epic lifts that demand multiple listens. 

The EP closes with “Wayfaring Stranger” and its sitting around the campfire vibe. The Americana beat gets the toes tapping as the lyrics let the storytelling unfold. The layered vocals give us that group feel tempting us to sing along. Emotion drips from the speakers and we all want to be part of that.

Greg Bucking has delivered a multi-genre masterpiece to lead off his solo career. Keep an ear out for more at his WEBSITE.

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