“Demons At Night” by Greg Hoy & the Boys

When you’ve got a voice like the one that we find skulking about in the shadows of the new single and music video “Demons At Night” by Greg Hoy & the Boys, you don’t put anything in front of it – no synthetics, no ridiculous solos, and no heavy metal beats – and rightly we find such a vocal ready to knock us out with its enamoring tonality in this latest release from the enigmatic hard rock project. Greg Hoy & the Boys takes us into a world of cut-and-dry rock harmonization via a simple and tried concept that is surprisingly provocative for this present era, and I think it has a real shot at bringing some mainstream attention to its composer and his highly capable band.

“Demons At Night” isn’t marred in sexualities of the saccharine variety, but instead an implied lustiness in its lyrical substance and the exaggerated shots that comprise its music video, taking a more subtle path toward the wild side as opposed to the superfast lane many of Greg Hoy & the Boys’ indie counterparts might. There’s a psychological element to the way this track blossoms into something beautiful, and if analyzed closely enough, you can hear shades of every chapter in the history of rock music chiming forth to what occasionally feels like a march.

The blue-collar aesthetics aside, I think it’s more than obvious how seriously Hoy takes the role he has as a frontman in this performance. He’s got the swagger but, perhaps even more importantly, he has the self-control that has evaded a lot of rock players in the past ten years – and cost them a litany of mainstream breakthroughs along the way. This is a guy who knows how to run a tight ship and were this not the case I don’t think every one of his singles would have the consistent sting they most definitely do.

Greg Hoy & the Boys have a lot of ground to cover between this moment and reaching international superstardom, but with the release of “Demons At Night,” this talented act takes a step towards self-fulfillment in and outside of the recording studio that was necessary for this stage of his career. I’m very impressed with every part of this release, and as long as Greg Hoy has this active moniker, you can bet everything you’ve got that I’m going to be keeping his work on my radar in hopes of hearing more material as heavenly and yet thought-provoking as “Demons At Night” is.

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