“Bang Bang” by Greye

When you’re a decade into a career, there’s generally a straightforward set of guidelines you like to follow, regardless of your job! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes — for rock bands that have managed to make it over the ten-year hump, this generally seems to be the case and bands can be found trying on the same pair of musical pants they’ve kept with them for their entire time together. It’s comfortable and easy, and the whole process of finding a new pair of pants can be cumbersome.

Some groups, such as My Chemical Romance and Arctic Monkeys, made a name for themselves by reinventing the musical wheel with each new album, but this is seen as a fairly rare occasion in music, overall. In the case of Greye, a heavy rock group based out of Florida, there’s been no need to reinvent their sound and after five full-length albums, they’re continuing to do what they do best — their latest single “Bang Bang” is a grandiose introduction to the band for those just tuning in, and for those returning, it’s a succinct way of upping the stakes ever so slightly as the group kicks things into the next gear.

“Bang Bang” is a classic example of what it means to be. modern rock track, its rough and tumble rock production accentuated by a fantastic turn on vocals by Greye’s lead singer Hannah Summer; for anyone wanting a taste of rock music in an era where we get so very little offerings from the genre, Greye is here to steer fans in the right direction. “Bang Bang” packs a punch with its bombastic guitars, pounding drums, and overall formidable stage presence by showing up to knock some socks off — it’s an incredible new piece of rock music for a new generation, and it feels as if it was only achievable with the long process and career that Greye has been afforded thus far. There aren’t many bands in the world able to come out swinging as hard as Greye does on “Bang Bang,” but making the title proud seems to be the order of operations and the band certainly keeps things going with a bang!

While there are arguably no contemporaries in the band’s stratosphere that come close to the presence and bravado that Greye has in their arsenal, there’s hope that their continued success and striving will inspire a wave of new bands to pick up where they’ve left off. “Bang Bang” is the perfect song for such matters, as it delivers a knockout blow with its rock aesthetic, giving the genre some Florida twang; there’s bound to be a good amount of bands out there that come across the track and feel inspired to create something comparable to the single. Greye is a band that makes it all look easy, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing just yet. “Bang Bang” is a single that reinstates the group as a major mainstay in the indie rock music scene, but they’re simultaneously singlehandedly making a case for themselves to be something far bigger.

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