Guilherme Wolf is Anything But ‘Average’

Guilherme Wolf

Being a songwriter means having the ability to get the sounds that are buzzing inside your head into a recorded version that sounds just as good through a set of speakers. This is never an easy task. Each of us hears a different buzz and must have the bravery to create our own sound. It does not have to be an over polished track ready for radio. It just has to be your mind, in sound. Our recent find Guilherme Wolf does just that with his own unique style.

Hailing from Sāo Paulo, Brazil, the singer and songwriter produces a lo-fi style of indie rock that opens up his heart to the listener. Guilherme Wolf does not allow himself or his music to be trapped inside any specific genre lines. His music is free-flowing and seems to go in whatever direction it is pulled at the moment.

The most recent release by Guilherme Wolf is the single “Average”. Immediately you know you are in for something unique. The picked guitar strings are minimal but there is an aura that emanates from the speakers. Sounds and atmospheres seem to come in and out of the song at solely the songwriter’s discretion. The vocals are left raw without any production tools to clean them up. This only adds to the exotica of “Average”. The song is more of an experience than a single. 

Guilherme Wolf is here to make you think and expand your mind in the process. You can keep up with him on INSTAGRAM for more music and ideas.

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