IBG Premiere – The Wilderness Music Video For “Fall (Despite What You Do)”


What do you get when you isolate a band with a heavy touring schedule in a cabin in the woods for three weeks? Inspiration. After bringing fans a slew of riveting shows across North America, The Wilderness sat down and delved deep to write a string of singles that would move their fans more than ever before.

“Fall (Despite What You Do) is the first of these emotionally captivating songs, proving that those weeks of isolation paid off for. This single gives you a glimpse into the heart of a touring musician and encapsulates the soul behind being on the road. Entrancing in its nature, the buzz of a saxophone captures your attention while warm vocals carry you through the song with a firm embrace.

The video depicts a young lady dealing with loss in the only way she knows how. She creates art. Anger and rage are her muses. In the end, there is beauty amid the chaos.

As singer Jonas Lewis-Anthony describes “Certain things happen in life that spiral completely out of control and we often find ourselves powerless to the situation. Sometimes the only thing you can do is ride the wave of whatever happens and accept that sometimes, despite what you do, you’re going to fight a few battles that you will eventually lose.”

The Wilderness continues to reach for the heartstrings of their fans with emotional songs and their open book lives of real-life struggling rock stars on the road. Keep up with more music and thier story HERE:


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