Half Deaf Clatch shares more captivating stories with ‘Feels Like Home’

Half Deaf Clatch

For over a decade, Half Deaf Clatch has been prolific in writing songs described as “raw down-home blues”. He mixes it with some covers of tracks by legends of the world of blues (including Son House and Robert Johnson) but impresses more with his original work. Somehow, his songwriting has continued to be of a high standard. Impressive due to the vast volume of work he has produced (including music under the names Son of Dirt and Beelzebub Jones). The secret is his storytelling qualities and how he makes his guitars sing. Together, they feel like a wanderer from an older time who shares his tales from his journey. 

His captivating storytelling talents are the foundation of every album or EP he releases. His latest offering, Feels Like Home, is no exception. It is yet another stunning example of his technical ability on his guitar, as well as his mesmerising lyrical qualities. While some of his previous releases may have a theme or overall arc, Feels Like Home are various stories he wanted to share. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the stories within the album ‘Feels Like Home’ by Half Deaf Clatch

Feels Like Home opening track, “Even The Ghosts”, is the perfect example of what this album offers. His voice captivates as he moulds his words into a must-hear tale. Especially with lines, “Echoes in the silence / Even the ghosts abandoned this place / Shadows in the half-light / Even the ghosts abandoned this place”. The combination of his mesmerizing guitar style and beautiful-sounding strings helps to enrich the listening experience. It is a winning formula found throughout the release. 

Its eight tracks have a lot to offer. Let’s talk about the ones that stand out the most. First up is “Deep In The Weeds”. As always, his way with words impresses, but its soundtrack steals the spotlight. His guitar grabs your attention as soon as it begins. Even when Clatch sings, the six strings continue to captivate. As the song progresses, a subtle beat joins in and makes your foot tap along to its groove. This audio partnership offers so much and is a constant delight to the ears. 

“Out Of The Ashes” is all about his storytelling qualities. It takes the listener on a journey with a runtime of over seven minutes. His guitar creates a sombre mood to accompany his tale. It begins with, “Flames dance around like Devils at a gathering / Flitting around in fiery revelry”. His words make you picture sitting in front of a fire as he continues, “Hypnotic and mesmerising to see / This roaring fire, oh it burns so bright / Casting its embers to the night”. He lets both his music and lyrics breathe. Letting each part of the song flow and stand out naturally. As a result, it helps to create an exceptional moment from this album. 

Now to the one that stands out the most, “Under A Midnight Sky”. As his opening words describe, there is something about looking at the night sky away from the city lights. We all like to look up and let our minds run free. His chorus is a feeling we can relate to, “I’m gazing at the constellations up above, searching for a meaning”. It is one of those songs that feels right, lyrically and musically (with its bluesy tone). 

Feels Like Home is another captivating collection of songs by Half Deaf Clatch. Again, he lets his guitar and lyrical qualities shine to stunning effect. It is an album worth your listening time as it will not disappoint. 

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