Get Back To The Club With ‘Head Fake Vs. Dub Fu Masters’

Head Fake

With the last year eliminating live concerts and the camaraderie of the crowded club atmosphere, something huge has been missing. That experience can never fully be replaced but our friends from Head Fake have joined forces with Dub Fu Masters for a collaborative EP that hopes to provide some of that live club vibe.

The inspiration behind this project was to make club versions of some previously released tracks that could turn up the energy at home. Dub Fu Masters quickly joined in on the sonic vision of Head Fake and wants the album’s upbeat sound to allow listeners to feel similar emotions as they would in a club setting. 

The 3 song Head Fake Vs. Dub Fu Masters EP opens up with “One Step.” The 80s influenced melody gets the club treatment with a trance-inducing beat that lulls the listener into a relaxed place before some wicked power chords come in to add the rock to the track. Best of both worlds.

There is a more psych-rock feel to “Trump Funk” as some hazy beats get introduced. Some more exotic flows keep the listener guessing where this one will go next. Good luck not moving along to the sound. “Overjoyed” keeps the energy going with more interesting sounds. Here we get some upbeat lyrics as well to give us all hope to return to the club floor soon. The dance vibe and positivity continue.

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