MapleWaves Let Us In With ‘Empaths’


As an artist, you should always be looking to expand on your genre and add your own unique touch that sets your music apart. If you are not growing, you are stagnating, and your music will get boring to listeners. Our recent find The Maplewaves will not let themselves fall into that trap as they continually evolve and grow their sound.

The band currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was originally formed back in 2010 in Virginia. Original members Logan Stamm and Nathan Ritz have been through several band member incarnations and are currently supported by the drumming talents of Harry Scarrott. Together they provide a psych-rock sound that is brought to the next level with an emphasis on lyrical songwriting. 

Their newest single “Empaths,” ties it all together with a mellow relaxing atmosphere supported by emotional lyrics. This has a way of drawing the listener in. The echoing guitar effect adds a warm and cozy vibe that puts us in a place of comfort. Here we can sit back and take in the passion of the band. There is a lot here that demands multiple listens.

The Maplewaves say the song “is dedicated to musicians who play for the love of their craft. It is also about how no matter your age, skin color, or the stage of life you are in, no one can deter you from pursuing and improving your lifelong craft.” Let them be your guide to creating the best music that you have inside of you.

We had a chance to chat with The Maplewaves to get even deeper into their sound. Enjoy the interview here:

How would you describe the band’s sound?
 – While irresistibly inciting and strangely serious, The Maplewaves represent a little bit of everything, shaken up with a good time.
Which artists have had the biggest influence on Maplewaves?
As a group, we pull from all genres from our individual walks of life, but predominantly, right now as a band, Toro Y Moi, Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, Foals, Beach Boys, and Washed Out have played a serious role in developing our music it’s truest form.
Your newest single “Empaths” seems to have some real meaning behind it. What can you tell us about it?
 – Empaths is a reflection on the motivations of the artist’s pursuit. As a song, it’s purpose is to encourage creatives to never put an end date on their exploration of art, learning or or even the exploration of the soul.
Give us a look at the future of Maplewaves.
 – With more shows to come and a new album under our belt, we hope to hone our process of songwriting and recording to its fullest extent

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