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As a songwriter, an artist must be able to pour their emotions into thier music. Our recent Heartbrkbvne has found a way to mix in his truth within an intriguing Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B mix. We had a chance to sit down with the artist and get into what makes him tick. Enjoy the interview here:


First off, how did the name HeartBrkBvne come about?

My name HeartBrk Bvne pronounced Heart Break Bane was inspired by Kurt Cobain. Heartbrkbvne is a personality. It doesn’t just consist of love. Heartbrk consist of pain , suffering and losses . I was always fascinated with his story of how you can be one of the biggest stars in the world & still be broken enough inside, to take your own life. That’s how HeartBrk Bvne was created because at time I felt, how he felt. I’m sure everyone did!


How would you describe your sound?

 I feel I have a unique and outspoken sound. Most Describe it as being a versatile and multifaceted sound. My sound isn’t comparable to most artist. It doesn’t speak just to your ears, but your heart.


Which artists have had the biggest influence on your career so far?

 Heavyweights like Tupac, Wiz, Naz, Ice Cube , Kid Cudi and Kevin Gates.


Your music seems to come from both smooth R&B and Rap. How do you blend the two to create something fresh?

 I’m very glad you were able to pick up on that. My Goal as an Artist is to have my listeners understand me more, as just someone like them as well. I’m a Gemini w/ 2 sides of me . Its that Senstive side and thats where you can hear the smooth r&b as I try to produce the melodies as I envision it . Then, its that other part of me that was born and raise in the hood then seen a lot , done a lot , and thats where the hiphop rap comes in .


How does a song come together for HeartBrkBvne? What is your songwriting process?

 For Heartbrkbvne, the way a song usually comes together is based off purely my emotions at the time. The songwriting process usually consist of me falling in love w/ a beat and naming it. Once I have the title I usually can reminisce on a emotion and start writing from there. My song “Lonely” was actually produced in 2017 and I eventually dropped it on my sound cloud early fall 2018. Around the time of making it, one of my favorite songs was lonely by woop . I felt lonely at the this time . Being lonely allows you more time and space to yourself and can motivate you at times. It allow me to see then more than ever I rather be alone than around to many people. Which can cloud your thoughts.


How do you hope to connect with the listener of your songs?

 I hope to connect to my listeners on a level to where I fill the void of them being in those lonely states I was in at times. Letting them know they don’t have to be alone . Be relatable and can bring them whatever emotion they are desiring at the time of listening.


What advice would you give to other artists creating something different in the hip-hop scene?

 The advice I would give to upcoming artist to first and foremost not care about negative comments . You want to find your loyal listeners so you just exes the negatives off your list. INVEST time and money into yourself . This is now your business you can’t stay in business w/o paying bills ( advertising , beats , studio , etc )


You seem to be on the path now. What is on the horizon for HeartBrkBvne?

What’s up next for me is going to be “HeartBrk Season” the EP. Im just staying focus w/ my music. Some goals for 2019 is that my site should be fully up and running ( www.heartbrkbvne.com ). Im going to start doing more live events and hope to be on a stage near you soon. All this already being work on a should take effect early of 2019.


Keep up with more from HeartBrkBvne on his INSTAGRAM.


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