Heather Whitney is now ‘Moving On’ to Great things

Heather Whitney

Raised in a small Texas town, but possessing the heart and energy of a State of Texas-sized voice and drive, country newcomer Heather Whitney delivers the goods in her debut album, Moving On.  What she lacks in age and experience,  Whitney pounces at every turn to connect with her audience on these nine tracks. That connection – be it sorrow or joy – is proof that while this artist utilizes her voice for the greater good.


Moving On kicks off with the rapid-fire, dance-worthy track, “By By Bayou.” This is an incredibly fun song and just when you’re thinking of how you can dance faster to keep up with Whitney’s memorable vocals, the guitar and a hint of zydeco ushers you into a full-out party.


“Little Bit Crazy” and “Ain’t Gunna Take It” are up next and boy do they deliver. I knew I was in for an interesting ride with the title having ‘crazy’ in it, and I had to laugh at the reference to rum & Coke. Yes, yes, please.


“Moving On Song” and “Where The Truth Lies” are both great tracks, but I found myself not listening to them as much as “Little Bit Crazy” and the next few songs, “What the Whiskey Said” and the captivating ballad, “When You Learn To Be Lonely.”



“Shut Up And Dance” is the next track and it also happens to be Whitney’s first released single. Good decision on her part. Like “By By Bayou” it’s fast-paced and easily a radio-ready track. I think it’s a hit. Note to reader/listeners: it’s not a cover of Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up And Dance” pop track. These are completely different songs.


“Man In Blue” completes the album in a state of calming, drift away tones. It’s also a very sad song. Your heart melts. Your heart gets all the feels from Whitney’s delivery.


As you might have guessed, I connected with Heather Whitney more so on an energy level than on a deeper-meaning songwriting level. It’s not that the lyrics to these songs are trivial and trite, it’s that they are quick-to-the-point and “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” tunes. Some people get sick of the ‘beer’ and ‘cowboy boots’ references in country music. I personally do not. Depending on your mood, sometimes you just need these songs in your life. And, what better time than the summer. If you’re looking for a great playlist for a party, especially an outdoor barbeque, then you will have to check out “By By Bayou” “Little Bit Crazy” and my favorite, “Shut Up And Dance.” When your party is ready for a slow dance, and it’s the end of the night, you can’t go wrong with “Man In Blue.” It might be too sad for some, but at the very least, it’s worth a slow dance.


Fans of Leann Rimes, Jessica Simpson, Shania Twain, Martina McBride and even Gretchen Wilson will have an affinity for Heather Whitney’s Moving On. She has lots of great songs to listen to, and little ‘ol Newton, Texas should be proud.



     -review by Jennifer Hurtzler

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