Helen What? Here To Uplift With “My America”

My America

We are in quite a crazy time in America right now. Things have seemed to go off the rails with multiple issues drawing angst and raised emotions. Music has always acted as a way to bring people together and act as a catalyst for something better. Songwriter Helen What? has brought a song back to light that can hopefully help heal the wounds that abound right now.

Songwriting has taken up much time and money from Helen What? over the past few decades. The passion that drives her is as strong as ever. With the current state of American politics, a generation altering election, and the 100-year pandemic, shaping everyone’s hearts and minds, an old song has come back to Helen’s mind. In the mid 1990s, together with Michael H. Galloway, the song “My America” was written with the chance that it may make it to the legendary Ray Charles. 

Let’s Make “My America” Better Together

Unfortunately it is not known if Mr Charles ever heard “My America”. The song resurfaced in 2001 at a 9/11 fundraiser and gathered a bunch of attention with the vocals of Tony Galla leading the way. Now it has returned again to be an uplifting message in this time of chaos.

Right from the patriotic guitar of the open a sense of pride starts to rise up in the listener. As Tony Galla sings with true emotion that pride swells. A guitar solo adds another level of professional musicianship to a classic sound. There is no direction mandated by the songwriter Helen What? It has always been her vision to provide a soundtrack for others to make a video of their version of America. “My America” in San Francisco would be very different from “My America” in rural south Georgia and that would be perfect. We are all one America.

Give the song a listen and let’s hope we can make the country a better place for everyone by lifting it up together.

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