Holly Elle – Pop Princess Putting In The Work

Holly Elle

The pop music landscape will always be a very crowded place.  It gets even worse in the indie pop scene where every young guy or girl with a microphone thinks they are destined to be the next big star.  Fact is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve any kind of success in this business.  The artists such as Holly Elle that seek to learn as much as possible and then put in what it takes will always have a leg up on the competition.

The rising pop singer-songwriter originally hails from Chestermere, a small community just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  It was here where the influence of her parents and the community of European immigrants sharing the sounds of their respective musical heritages gave Holly Elle her unique spin on what music could be.  

She always was eager to learn as much as possible about sound and earned a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The pop divas of the United States seemed to keep calling to Holly Elle so a move was imminent.  Learning more was a big draw as well so Holly relocated to Nashville, Tennessee and earned another Bachelor’s degree, this time in Music Business at the distinguished Belmont University.  

Holly Elle is Proof That Dedication Pays Off

This combination of wanting to learn and the willingness to do whatever it takes has propelled Holly Elle into the path of rising star in the pop community.  She became a big part of the Music City creative community and performed at clubs, showcases, and writer’s rounds all around the fabled music capitol.


The latest offering in a string of impressive singles is the song “Flip That Script”.  The strong pop tune has a dark tone running through it for all the tough girls out there that won’t put up with a man’s shit.  The influence of European and World music are evident right away with exotic sounds and big beats pushing the track forward.  The vocals of Holly Elle project a confidence and power that make any listener stand up and take notice. The production is top notch here and ready for mainstream radio.  Get on board now at: http://hearholly.com/

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