Holly Miranda Reinvents Songs as Art Form

Holly Miranda

Artist Holly Miranda is back with a new EP comprised of six songs, none of which her own — Miranda’s Party Trick is strictly covers, some of which she has done many times in the past and others that are new to her.

“The title of this album comes from Tegan Quinn saying I could take any song and make it sad, she said it was my party trick,” said Miranda.

Miranda herself says Party Trick is an example of artist innovation The cover selection ranges from Drake to Bon Iver. Like her previous work, Miranda gives the listener a variety of sound ranging from Motown vibes to sultry ethereal sounds.

Miranda says doing covers is such a great way to learn the style with which someone else constructs a song. If you can break that down and find your own voice in it, she says it can be really interesting.

And Miranda delivers and each track she gives her style to.

Holly Miranda’s Party Trick

Hold On, We’re going home (Drake Cover)

Miranda keeps an upbeat tempo in covering this song. She adds a bit of auto-tune, drums, bass, and funk to turn this slow-rap song into a slow funky jam. Think background driving music from the movie Drive.

Without You  (Tobias Jesso Jr Cover)

This song is very close to Miranda’s original work. This track is very soft, ethereal, and slowed down. She uses chimes and her band to bring to life the background music behind her transcendental voice. Miranda wanted some her songs to feel like her band is playing live, and this cover is a perfect example.

Blood Bank (Bon Iver Cover)

Bon Iver is known for his slow folk sound, as Holly Miranda is. But Miranda’s female voice gives this song a new meaning and atmospheric tone. Half way into the track you can really hear the band coming out of the music and it partners very well with her soft voice. Covers aren’t always better than the originals, but this party trick hits close to that mark.

Miranda released her sophomore album Holly Miranda last year and now has a residency at Hellphone in New York, plus a much anticipated Governors Ball appearance and brief tour through the Northeast coming up in June.

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