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Matt Byron


Sometimes we come across music that peaks our interest right away.  Being the music snobs that we are here at Indie Band Guru, we like to try to get the story of the artist and how the music developed its own unique shape.  We recently had the chance to hear some Matt Byron songs and his latest track “One More Time”.

The multi-instrumentalist and producer hails from North Carolina. Matt Byron has had experience touring nationally but is now focusing on his solo work which keeps him in his studio.  Although not out there on the road, the internet community has gravitated to his music and it seems like he is building up quite a fan-base worldwide.

Enjoy “One More Time” by Matt Byron

The recent song “One More Time” has a dark vibe that brings to mind classic artists like Peter Murphy and Bauhaus as well as recent bands like She Wants Revenge. The expert production creates a full wall of sound to fill your headphones. The electronic instrumentation is tough to pin down but the originality makes any listener want to dive in and demand multiple listens.  

We recently had a chance to talk with Matt Byron to try to discover where this compelling sound came from.  Enjoy the interview here:


You seem to be the full package as a solo artist and producer.  What instruments do you use to create your music?

I like to mix up the sounds and instruments as much as possible between analog synthesizers, live instruments like guitar, bass, and percussion, and VST software plug-ins.


How would you describe your unique sound?

There are two sides to what I produce. The main style could be loosely classified a rock and electronic music hybrid. The other side is producing soundtrack material for tv and movies. I have not licensed anything yet, but I’m just getting into it the last year or so. It’s a lot of fun to shift focus to creating a soundscape instead of a regular song.


What artists have influenced your development?

Lots of 90’s alternative…Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins. Lots of punk rock like Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, NOFX, Avail. And the last couple years a lot of electronica…Johnny Jewel’s projects, especially The Chromatics…also been absorbing a lot of TransAm by osmosis as my neighbor is severely addicted to their music.


You hail from Carrboro, North Carolina.  How has the local scene accepted your dark sound?

Well to be honest, I haven’t really gotten involved with the local scene musically because I have not gotten a band together to play live shows yet. I’ve been living in the studio, literally. The EP and singles I have released have been well-received. I have gotten some friendly offers to play a few local venues and out-of-state gigs, but without a stage-ready show I couldn’t accept. I think once I get a show together, it will go great.


There has been a string of innovative songs, tell us about the newest track “One More Time”

Thanks for saying so. One More Time is a song about wanting your to feel like yourself again after something bad or discouraging happens. About wanting to get your drive back …your inner tenacity. It was also an opportunity for me to use a new technique I learned for recording analog synths to add more sonic depth, and it worked out perfectly. In the end I asked my friend Alec Senese to add a few guitar notes to spice up the production, and it ended up being a good move.


Seems like the online community has really taken to your music, why do you think that is?

Like I said, I don’t have the advantage of doing live shows right now to network and support other musicians—so I have basically taken all of those efforts online where I can reach the most people right now. The Sound Cloud community has been extremely supportive of me. Sound Cloud has brought me collaborators and friends that have been integral in spreading my music around and helping me get a better at music production. I try to show some love and support for a lot of the artists I come in contact with, and it seems to come right back to me. I am very grateful.


What is next for Matt Byron?

Next up…I plan to release another EP by the end of this summer. I am also working on getting together a live band to do some shows with me. And lastly, I NEED to get a hold of a Prophet 6 synthesizer if it kills me. That one DEFINITELY has to happen soon 😉


Thank you for the review, Indie Guru!!


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