Rachel Renee – Heeds Calling To Share Her Voice

Rachel Renee

Everyone one of us that is part of this wild music industry has had a calling to it.  They can come from many areas or ideals.  There are not many stronger callings though than that of God.  If He calls there is no choice but to follow the path.  Our recent find Rachel Renee heeded the call and is on her way to share her music with the world.

The Christian singer-songwriter started writing music when a lifetime struggle with fear and depression brought her to her knees.  Someone was there to pick her up then.  Now her mission is to return that favor by sharing His message.  Rachel Renee graduated with a vocal performance degree from Point Loma University in 2000.  This allowed her to use her gifts to write music for God, which began her healing.

Rachel Renee Aims To Share Her Talent With Everyone

She currently serves as a Music Ambassador for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF.org) and sings at churches and other venues sharing the love of Christ through music. She was on the board and planning team for Praise in the Park.

We all fear something in life; we all have a deep seated desire to have peace in our souls.  Rachel’s music is raw, filled with deep emotion and sincerity, allowing the listener to really see her heart of pure worship. Her scripturally-based songs combine thanksgiving, contrition, supplications and true devotion.

The latest track from Rachel Renee is “Holy One”.  It is a strong song from her album Faithful God.  It is a catchy tune that lets her show off her larger than life voice.  The production builds up the song to even bigger proportions with background vocals and a groove that keep the listener’s attention throughout.

You can hear more of Rachel Renee’s testimony at: http://www.rachelreneeworship.com/

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  1. Hello Rachel Renee.
    I had an opportunity to listen to your wonderful music. And was actually searching for upcoming/newly established Christian artists that I could collaborate with in my area to evaluate and possibly use a song of mine. I don’t have any other connections as of yet to start connecting/ networking to help me with the christians songs I write to start circulating.

    I would truly appreciate a contact or at least other referrals I may utilize.

    Thank you so much for your time. Be blessed.

    Doris Harrison, song writer