Testimony Of Apocalypse Rises To ‘Take My Spirit’

Testimony Of Apocalypse

When music is deep within your soul, it never truly fades. Time may pass but the power of music is always just waiting for its opportunity to rise again. This seems to be the case for the members of new band Testimony of Apocalypse.

The band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania plays a Progressive brand of Thrash Metal with a Christian theme. Groove and Melodic Death generes creep into Testimony Of Apocalypse sound to create something that is fresh yet memorable. The group brings together former members of the original Christian Thrash Metal band SACRAMENT. After 30 years original Vocalist Michael Torone and original Drummer Paul Graham have brought in multi-instrumentalist Nick Pacitti to handle guitars, bass, and keyboards. Testimony Of Apocalypse was complete and ready.

In late 2022, Testimony of Apocalypse released their debut record None Escape The Judgement. 10 crushing Metal tracks to lead them into the new year. Standout single “Take My Spirit” starts off the charge.

The song eases in with a slow paced droning hymnal to prepare the listener  for what is to come. The 0:53 second mark welcomes the thrash guitars in all their glory. The power and speed scream together bringing back memories of an older time. Singer Michael Torone’s voice comes in just as powerful to remind us of why we are here and to deliver the message. 

Every piece comes together in an epicly strong sound to take us to new peaks in the genre. The full 5-minute journey of “Take My Spirit” is a perfect entry into this new world. Strap in and hold on tight.

Keep up with Testimony of Apocalypse on their FACEBOOK and see more on their YOUTUBE.

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