Honey Beard – Keep Momentum Rolling With New Single

Honey Beard

In the current state of the music industry things sometimes seem to move very quickly.  When good things start happening the ball moves very fast.  The key is to keep this ball moving because just as fast as it started rolling it can fall off a cliff.  Our latest find Honey Beard seems to know that and is keeping their momentum going.  

The Irish/Canadian Electronic Dark-Pop group hails from Toronto, Canada.  The duo began their journey back in 2012 and started making music from influences such as The Doors, Depeche Mode and more modernly MGMT.  Even though just two guys, Honey Beard became quickly known for their frenetic live performances drawing in lovers of both ambient sounds and thumping beats.  The pop friendliness of their sound will pull in everyone else.  

Last year Honey Beard released their debut EP Thousand Million Things and toured all over Canada picking up new fans.  They also picked up a nomination in the Toronto Independent Music Awards for best Pop Act.  Things are happening fast and furious.

Honey Beard Teams With UK Label NUB Records to Release EP Worldwide


To keep it going Honey Beard recently released their new single and music video for “Hummingbird”.  The haunting beginning is punctuated with a pounding drum to be followed by an interesting melody tickled on a piccato synth sound.  The vocals are poured out with an emotional effort and add some hums to allow the listener to sing along.  The bridge breaks it up nicely turning the song around a corner.  There is a lot going on here demanding multiple listens.

You can learn more and currently download the song for free at: http://www.honeybeardband.com/

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