Hotel Del Salto Releases Double Singles ‘Yellow Rose/Undercover Cop’

Hotel Del Salto

Yellow Rose/Undercover Cop is the most recent release from one man band Hotel Del Salto, the project of multi-instrumentalist, J. Francis.


The first song on this Double A Side release is “Yellow Rose,” which immediately draws in the listener with its electronically influenced sound. “Yellow Rose” includes a mix of electronically produced sounds as well as driving guitar and drum sections. Hotel Del Salto’s talent is clear from this first single and its seamless blending of various sounds.



On “Yellow Rose,” the vocals often meld together with the instrumental, creating a sound that seamlessly incorporates all of the sounds in this song. “Yellow Rose” is a combination of traditional guitar and drum rock sounds, as well as a taste of a more modern electronic sounds. “Yellow Rose” builds to a strong guitar part that closes out the song with an upbeat feel. “Yellow Rose” fades out, leaving the listener looking forward to the next song on this release. Overall, “Yellow Rose” will not disappoint a listener looking for a classic indie song with some new twists.

Electronic isn’t the Only Genre Hotel Del Salto Draws From

“Undercover Cop” (is a more mellow song in contrast to “Yellow Rose.” The song opens with an acoustic guitar and tambourine that introduces Francis’ voice. “Undercover Cop” is more of a ballad, incorporating a layered sound that builds throughout the song. The involvement of various stringed instruments adds to the way the story in this song builds.

“Undercover Cop” seems to be a biographical story of a man, including details about how “medical dramas always seem to make him yawn,” and how “one day you know he’s dying to say / I’m an undercover cop and I’m going away.” These descriptive lyrics give the listener details about the subject of the song and add a human touch it. Twinkling guitar sounds add to the effect that this song has. The style of “Undercover Cop” suits the lyrics well, and the song rounds out this Double A Side single release.


Overall, Hotel Del Salto is an act to watch. These singles incorporate some classic indie sounds with a fresh electronic spin. Look out for Hotel Del Salto’s future releases on Libertino Records this upcoming February. 

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