90s Are Making a Comeback with “David Bowie” By I Am The Polish Army

I Am The Polish Army My Old Man

2015 and 2016 brought back the rise of the 90s grunge feel. With 2017 already shaping up to be a great year for music, more 90s inspired music is going to come out of this year.

Starting in the privacy of Emma DeCorsey’s 2005 dorm room and continuing to the streets of Brooklyn in 2016, I Am The Polish Army has added two new musicians and are gearing up for the release of their debut album.

I Am The Polish Army prep for the release of their debut album My Old Man with the release of “David Bowie.”

“David Bowie,” the band’s recent release in preparation for their debut album My Old Man, is a tribute to the sudden death of the iconic artist.

DeCorsey’s angsty vocals clash with the distorted chords, bringing back a very 90’s-Nirvana vibe. However, the clashing works for their unique sound.

The lyrics of “David Bowie” cover the feelings many feel with the passing when musicians pass. The song bring the feeling of voids that can develop because of this.

The lyrics also cover what its like to watch people capitalize on the sound and history of these artists. Much like what happened after David Bowie’s passing. This just helps feed into the 90s angst portrayed by I Am The Polish Army.

DeCorsey’s conflicting harmonies fit amazingly over the distorted guitar and simple, loud, and repetitive drum beats. This mimics Nirvana’s style, but DeCorsey makes every song her own with her unique and edgy voice.

I Am The Polish Army is going to bring back the true 90s vibes with the release of My Old Man. The album releases March 31st.

The 90s alt-rock comeback is on the rise with I Am The Polish Army.

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