Brooke Surgener divulges “I hate you the least”

Brooke Surgener

We all have something that we become passionate about and dedicate our lives to. When chasing this love, at some point we stop to reflect on the journey and its origin.  At 10 years old, the spark for Brooke Surgener of Erie PA was lit when discovering Michelle Branch. In pursuit of this passion, she attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania but decided to leave early to follow her heart. Brooke is an artist through and through, and her creativity has no bounds. She’s an indie folk singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, videographer and burgeoning YouTube star. Her new single ” I Hate You the Least” is featured here today.

Official Video for ‘I Hate You The Least’ by Brooke Surgener

A simple groove is quickly established as plucked guitars dance with grace in the verses. Tenderly laying her vocals over the music makes one feel like we’re in the same room, sitting on opposite sides of a bed as she spills her heart. Emotion is what the slide guitar’s chorus introduction adds. Throughout the track, nuance and dynamics are played to perfection. Picking up their intensity from the bridge onto the song’s outro is where this performance truly shines. Pulling back for the final bars was a master stroke as Brooke sing’s the final lines “keep your face in my wallet”. 

Brooke Surgener’s vocal delivery is butter, like a female Chris Isaac. Her pop tendencies immediately bring to mind a Colbie Caillat comparison. Indie flair and Brooke’s personal delicate touch also remind me of 90’s folk pop darling Lisa Loeb. First picking up a guitar at age 10, then her 2018 four song self-titled EP, has me wanting to learn more. What were her first bands like? Her first song… So many questions to ask. The talent, passion, drive, and force that is Brooke Surgener, is a magnificent treat to see a star in the making. Her discography is filled with great music, a true testament to a great artist. Some people play music seeking fame and fortune. Some play music because it’s who they are, and I believe that’s Brooke Surgener.


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