IAMX Releases Haunting LP ‘Alive in New Light’


About to release his latest LP Alive In New Light, IAMX (aka Chris Corner) has put together a cinematic celebration of breaking free from his depression. Fueling his last two albums, Alive In New Light tells it exactly how it is with cinematic instrumentation out February 2 on Caroline/Universal.

Alive In New Light is a Thank You to Fans, as Well as an Invitation to the Next Leg of IAMX’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Following a metamorphosis, a time when IAMX was no longer what he was but had no idea what he was becoming, Alive In New Light is huge in more ways than one. Besides covering the breaking free from a depression, you can hear massive instrumentation that indicates a drive to create, create, create, along with a new area of storytelling in a way no electronic rock album has before.

The album also features renowned tattoo artist and makeup powerhouse Kat Von D. Self proclaimed superfan of IAMX, Von D is featured on four tracks across Alive In New Light. 

Alive In New Light was recorded, performed, and mixed by Croner in the California desert. Tucked away in a trailer facing a mountain, Croner produced nine tracks that combine all things electronic, alt, and rock, mixed with Croner’s vocals and larger than life production. “The desert is white noise,” Chris explains. “You can lose yourself in the details of producing, mixing; it’s just silence.”

Opening on “Stardust,” the track serves as a great transition to the new light that Croner has reached. With a thudding, deep bass following the track, it creates this groove that feels totally futuristic. Reminiscent of Depeche Mode, you can feel the rising from the ashes as “tomorrow we’re going to be stardust” echoes through your ears before leading into an electronic, chaotic soundscape. What feels like it’s built into a mess, there’s such rhythm and uniqueness to the perfectly timed and place synth chaos.

“Mile Deep Hollow” is full of dark and ominous tones. A huge, deep string section fills every inch of sound under a repetitive synth-centered rhythm that floats over the top of everything else that’s happening. With every listen, you can hear something new. There are so many layers — from the strings, to bass, multiple synth melodies, countermelodies, percussion, vocals — there’s always room to hear something new. “Mile Deep Hollow” was previewed on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder (maybe why you recognize it) and was the 15th IAMX track to be featured on the TV blockbuster.

“This album is about connecting,” said IAMX, “and it’s a pain in the ass to do it through an album. Each time I do this, I feel exhausted but it’s an impulse I can’t stop. If you write your pain out, there’s a venting. Happiness is a skill. I’m happiest activating skills that keep you balanced.”

Fans of IAMX and Alive In New Light can catch it in all of its theatrical glory on tour. Follow IXMA on his website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for updates

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