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London Grey

Being an artist means having the ability to take the experiences of your life, both good and bad, and use them as influences. Even at not yet 20 years old, London Grey has had a life full of difficult situations. He has turned them into songs that many can relate to. We caught up with the rising star to get behind the scenes on his music. Enjoy the interview here:


First off, where did the name London Grey come from?

It was actually a spur of the moment decision. I originally went by the name D.Glover, but found it was also originally Donald Glover’s first artist name. From around age 11-12 on I was always asked if we were related being from the same area, and wanted my own name for myself (we’re not related). I also found the name D.Glover really boring. The day I decided to change I spent my whole morning brainstorming to come up with something, but sticked. So I gave up for the day and left for my classes (my school is a 20-30 minute walk away from my house). So on my way I was using the app farfetch because I’ve always had a interest in fashion, for some reason London was just on my mind. I’ve always wanted to live there and just thinking about it made me relax (I have really bad anxiety). It was also a really cloudy day and the sky was just grey. Grey is my favorite color because it is also very relaxing. So all that just somehow formed my into my brain and from that moment I was London Grey.


How would you describe your unique sound?

My sound is me honestly. It at times wlll be aggressive and just full of rage, but then at moments bit vibey and well chill. I’ve had a love of rock, hip hop, pop, R&B, alternative music and etc and so on. I like a lot of different music and try to capture it all in mine. I‘m a mix and so is my music.


Who are your musical influences?

I’ve taken influence from a lot of different genres, but my biggest influences musically have to be; Prince, Van Halen (specifically David Lee Roth), The Gorillaz, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Lil Uzi Vert, PartyNextDoor, and Childish Gambino. All those artist have had a big influence on me from my swag to my sound.


You have lived all over the southeast United States, has this affected your musical style?

I’ve spent my time living in Florida and Georgia, but I was born In Broward and shortly moved to Atlanta Georgia. It really changed my perspective. Georgia is so different depending on where you are from; Atlanta to Duluth to North Forsyth, to Alpharetta it’s like living in different states. The area’s that had the biggest effect on me where North Forsyth and Duluth. Dealing with racism in the rural areas changed me, and we have always been going through it financially, but I’m an adult now in Duluth and being broke and aware versus being broke and young are very different lol. I left Atlanta young so I remember things but I was a little kid. I was more worried about candy and sh**. Aside from the bad times in North Forsyth, it was cool though. I met my closest friends there and have tons of good memories running around and being allowed to be the animal that’s inside me. This is not a luxury I get in Duluth or in Atlanta. 



Tell us about your debut single “3Days.” Take us through your songwriting process?

 To best honest, the song was easy and took me about 25 minutes. I had just been on this three day like binge of parties. I was getting fu**ed up every day staying up till 5-6am and then waking up at like 3pm. Wake up go workout, and do it all again. So I wrote a song after the last party which was this dumb lit new years party. Most of the song takes from that night. The song is true and is not exaggerated. My music is not about sending a message, It’s about talking about my life the painful times, the happy times and the times full of rage and getting turnt, and trying to relate to people who do and go through the same and the people that would like to relate and watch a story unfold. My story and the crazy trip it will be. By the way shoutout Easton, Lee and the boys we getting lit all 2018 at the Pondcort Mansion. 


What advice would you have for other creative artists?

Make the music you love. Be an artist that represents you and not someone else. Don’t make music that will sell, but make music that will heal. Also understand being an artist is a job, and a good majority of people that don’t make it don’t want to work hard. If you want this job then earn it. 


What is next for London Grey?

What’s next is taking it one day at a time on my musical journey to take over the world in my diabolical plan of world domination. Nah honestly I’m going to make dope music, have crazy shows and work to be the best. 

( P.s. keep on raging and be ready world… I’m coming)

-London Grey


Keep up with London on social media:

https://soundcloud.com/londongrey (soundcloud)

https://www.instagram.com/lndngry/ (Instagram)

https://twitter.com/DorianGlover98?lang=en (twitter)

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