IBG Interview – 7 Questions With FIRE


There aren’t many artists that have the ability to cross genres and take different sounds to make it something entirely their own. LA-based band Fire plays with these factors and more in their upcoming EP! This week we got to talk about what really influences their genre-bending music and what we can expect for them in the future.

Indie Band Guru: 7 Questions With Fire

Where did you get the name?

Brett was hiking in the desert in high school during and electrical storm and witnessed lightning strike a saguaro cactus and set fire to it.  He happened to be hiking looking for inspiration for the band name.
How did the band form?

We were all playing in different projects in Los Angeles, but Nazim and Brett met and instantly hit it off, wrote some songs the first time they hung out but didn’t meet up again until a year later. At that point they recruited other local musicians in the scene that they had played with before.
How would you describe your sound?

Classic rock and 90’s rock with a “New” sound, yet with the live energy of a 70’s stadium act
What are your influences?

We like classical music, rock, blues, funk and a LOT of other styles. We even consider religion and spirituality and politics our influences. It’s very broad.
What is your songwriting process?

Someone will come up with a riff and Brett will write some lyrics to it and then everyone works on it collectively – it takes a few days or even weeks. Everyone plays just about every instrument so it makes things easier. All the while, Brett crafts the lyrics while we go.
What’s next?

The world!
What advice would you give to other bands in the rise?

Stick together no matter what. A lot of different influences will try to divide you – not even out of malice,  but just because they think they know. In the end – if you stay together as a band and follow your hearts, you can build a great team around that.

You can check out more of FIRE’s music here and keep up with them here.

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