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credit: Noah Hellman

New York native now LA living emerging pop artist Pepper Lewis has recently released her debut single “Planetarium” as well as her newest single “Same Stuff.” A passion for helping and connecting with others and inspiration from her own personal life experiences is what Pepper Lewis’ music is all about. We sat down with Pepper to learn more about these life experiences and what she hopes her listeners will gain from her music. 

What made you want to become a musician?

The meditative adrenaline rush while I sang a Hannah Montana song for my Hebrew school talent show, was what made me want to become a musician.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations that contributed to your dream?

Bruce Springsteen, Ms Lauryn Hill, Hannah Montana, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Taylor Swift, Ella Fitzgerald all contributed to my dream of singing on a stage to a crowd that I can validate with my lyrics, and by doing so, validate me

 How would you describe the “Pepper Lewis” sound?

I would describe the ~Pepper Lewis Sound~ as colorful, insanely hooky, and brutally honest. It has a very unique voice to back up the carefully written messages, too. 

 Tell us about your debut single “Planetarium.”

Planetarium is a song I wrote about how I really want to put my guard down, but I don’t know how. I created a lot of space between me and this guy I was crushing on when he was trying to get to know me, so I decided the themes and metaphors should be based around outer space.

Watch “Planetarium” Video Here:

What is your songwriting process and do you have a favorite place to write music?

I usually start with a concept, and make a word map of all the feelings and things that I associate with the concept, to start telling a story. I like to write in my apartment or in New York.

What is something you want listeners to take away from “Planetarium”?

I would love listeners to feel more comfortable in their awkwardness and dance a little bit to it.

 Do you have any advice for other girls trying to make it as artists?

Uplift other women and collaborate with as many as possible. Create a trustworthy community. Also – if you have lyrics that you’re bringing into a session, write them down, email it to yourself, and don’t open it unless you need to. The time stamp protects you if someone tries to steal your lyrics or take advantage of your work.

 Any upcoming songs/projects that you can tell us about?

My newest single is out today! I am so stoked. It’s an ethereal ~sad girl autumn~ song, and a personal reminder for me to take care of my mental health because my point of view changes so much when I am deeply depressed. It’s a bop, though. You’ll like it – I promise 🙂

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Photo credit: Noah Hellman

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