IBG Interview: Pink Honey Moan

IBG Interview with Pink Honey Moan

Hi Jared, to start off, what drives you to create music?

Hello! Great question! I think one of my favorite things in the world is when I finally solve “the song puzzle”. Meaning, I’ve written, and rewrote, and edited, and poked, and prodded until the music and melody feel like a living, breathing entity.

I also enjoy the vulnerability that comes with singing something that would definitely get a side-eye if it were said in passing, but when paired with music and melody, it can penetrate even the toughest exteriors. And if I’m lucky, someone may see a bit of themselves through me, and being able to connect on that level….without getting too hippie-dippie…that’s powerful stuff.

How would you describe the Pink Honey Moan Sound?

Indie-Pop/Singer-Songwriter. I’ve always been inspired by songwriters that can hold a space with just an instrument and their voice. Bill Withers, Paul Simon, Brandi Carlile, and Jim Croce are some major inspirations of mine.

And if I could somehow make an album that combines elements of ELO’s “New World Record,” Ray LaMontagne’s “Ouroboros,” and Aaron Frazer’s “Introducing…” that would be the ultimate nexus of my aspirational sound! So, Jeff Lynn, Jim James, and Dan Auerbach, if any of you ever read this, please give me a jingle so we can make a record together.

What is your songwriting process like? Do you work with others or is it a solo endeavor?

Most of my songs start with a little snippet of a voice memo on my phone when I’m out running. I’ll hum a melody or sing a line. Then I’ll typically sit down on either the acoustic guitar or piano and sketch out a rough idea with nonsensical lyrics. I have a massive “song ideas” list that I reference to see if I might be able to work with any of the themes I’ve already identified. If I can step away from the song for a few days and still hum/sing the melody, I know I have something and will keep pursuing it.

For the longest time I was an ivory tower songwriter; wanting to have full control over every aspect of the song. Collaboration, however, has been a wonderful thing for me. Nowadays, I have a trusted network of musicians and collaborators, and I like to “stress-test” songs with them to make sure they’re as good as can be. Opening myself up to constructive criticism and other perspectives has truly been the best thing for my songwriting process.

What’s on the horizon for Pink Honey Moan? 

I’ve got this really ambitious themed music release plan for my new tune “Running Up the Hillside” which drops on October 22nd. I’m calling it my “Music Marathon Song Release.” Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

Raising $1,000* for underserved kids that need instruments with the nonprofit Hungry for Music.  *Any extra money raised will be put towards marketing my new material.

Releasing my newest song “Running Up The Hillside” on October 22 (my music journey = a marathon)

Running the equivalent of a marathon over a 5-day span leading up to the songs release (5.24mi per day / 26.2mi total)

It’s exciting to hear that we have new music on the way! Was Covid the chance for you to slow down and focus on music again, or did it add a challenge to the process? Yea! Thanks! Covid definitely brought challenges to the creative process. Being a father and husband, my first priority is my family. Once the initial fears and anxieties subside a bit though, I found music to be a welcome release from everything I’d been feeling. On a positive note, I’ve written and recorded more music in the last year than I had in the previous five. I feel incredibly lucky and privileged, and never take what I have for granted. If Covid has taught me anything, it’s that everything is impermanent. Staying present and being kind and aware, are the maxims I try to follow every day.

Thanks for chatting with us today Jared! Where can our readers find you online?

It was my pleasure! Thanks so much for having me. For the full honeypot of Pink Honey Moan, please head to the link here: https://linktr.ee/pinkhoneymoan

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