MoeDeLL Relates To All On ‘Ain’t That Something’


To achieve any success as a songwriter you must find a love for the craft of writing songs. When it becomes a “job” it is no longer fun. Music is supposed to be fun and meaningful. Our friend MoeDeLL has kept it that way and has a new collection of songs in his new album Ain’t That Something for us to enjoy.

Originally from southern Virginia, his Americana-roots-rock style has definitely taken some influence from that upbringing. Now based in the upper midwest on the outskirts of music mecca Minneapolis, MoeDeLL continues to grow his sound. His guitar picking style, poetic lyrics, and unique voice are the foundation but he is not held back by genre norms. His ability to tell everyday stories in his songwriting brings the listener in close to share in the journey. The payoff is happening as MoeDeLL was nominated for Songwriter of the Year, and Americana Artist of the Year, in the 2020 Midwest Country Music Association Awards.

For his latest release Ain’t That Something, MoeDeLL gathered together a collection of songs he had written over the past 2 years. The 11-track album covers everything from memories of family back in Virginia to the pandemic effect that we all dealt with. As the record opens with “B.O.P.” we get welcomed in with a country vibe that soothes in its raw delivery. The vocals come off as if they are delivered by a well known friend.

A little more energy is added on “Cold Side Of The Pillow” with a finger picking style that shows true talent. The storytelling here is another highlight. We can all picture ourselves in the same situations as MoeDeLL. The vibe turns a little darker on “The Double Crosser” but again is very relatable.

Share Some Feelings With MoeDeLL

The pandemic seemed to be a big influence on “Hummin’ Along.” Every word shows the depth of the situation while offering hope if we all just hum along. It will get better as long as we get to continue listening to MoeDeLL. There is a joy that hides in the background as he looks to the other side of the struggle. 

Some rock energy comes in on “Sunday Dinner” as the guitar turns up with a great flow. The vocal delivery here is exciting as well. There is a meaning here that he lets you dive into on your own. This peppy guitar sound is heard on “Fire” as well. Some passion and romance work their way in here as well. 

As we reach the closer “All Hell’s Broke Loose Again”, MoeDeLL slows it down to let us all absorb the story he is trying to tell. Picture yourself sitting around the fire while the songwriter plays just to you. Swaying and possibly some singing along will ensue. Enjoy the ride.

Keep up with more from MoeDeLL on his website HERE.

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