Idiot Glee — Gleeful Music by Not-an-Idiot

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru
With his first album, Idiot Glee has delivered ten tracks all of which shine in their own way. Overall, the self-titled album is a perfect combination of pleasant auditory sensations.
The first track, “Deep Warm Something,” is the musical equivalent of a kaleidoscope. Woodwind instruments and guitar blend in a way that makes the listener feel as if they are traveling through space. Different, and somewhat odd at first, the song does have the intrinsic qualities that make it addictive.
This unique sound does not repeat itself throughout the album, but the rest of the music is just as powerful. “Baby ( I Could Be Your Bone)” is the perfect love song for those not all that in love. It appeals to me with the dry humor of it and its plain sensibility. While I’m sure this isn’t referring to a relationship between an owner and dog, the context that hints to that makes the song that much more enjoyable. The light hearted tone and soft use of piano have merged to make something that is impossible not to dance to.
My personal favorite track on this album, “The Whip,”  has a hauntingly archaic melody married with an echo-y vocal. The lyrics are poetic, to say the least— each new phrase or sentence got stuck in my brain for further consideration. This created a pattern or a repeating loop which kept me listening to this one track for hours.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this song, and all of the songs on this album, is that they each take the listener on a journey. Each song changes and evolves as you listen to it, leaving you wondering what will be coming next. This effect kept me hooked for the whole album and left me wanting more.
Idiot Glee may have just released their first album but, with the music as addictive purely enjoyable as it is, there is no doubt more will follow.
Listen to the full album here.

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