Get Caught “In A Moment” With Black Lab

Cali duo, Black Lab is no stranger to producing hits that are larger than life. Comprised of Paul Durham and Andy Ellis, this indie/electronic act has songs that can be found in major television and movie productions such as Pretty Little Liars, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Blade: Trinity. 2020 has them back and stronger than ever to satiate their rabid fans with their recently released single, “In A Moment.”

Their most cinematic release to date, “In A Moment” is more than just a song, it’s a journey. This single is for the times that life has truly knocked you down and you worry you won’t get up again. Black Lab utilizes “In A Moment” to instill hope when all seems lost by reminding you precious life is. “In a Moment” will become the song to turn to when you need to find your fight.

“‘In a Moment’ is about finding hope and the instinct to live — even in the darkest night,”  says singer Paul Durham.

And if the uplifting nature of “In a Moment” doesn’t inspire you, the hypnotic, heavy hitting beats within it will. Upon entrance a seemingly simple beat begins to loop to draw you in, and as the layers of the song and harmonies start to stack up it becomes something much more magical. The deep and breathy, yet powerful vocals match the vibe of the song perfectly, making “In A Moment” a thoroughly well-rounded release.

After a few listens to “In a Moment” it’s clear that Black Lab is not done creating hits just yet. They’ve utilized their years of hard work and history within the music industry and continue to keep getting better and better. “Songs aren’t enough anymore,” says Durham. “We want to make movies out of sound.” “In a Moment” seems to be a great indication that they’re living up to those standards.

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