Turfseer Shares His Thoughts on ‘The Virus Is My God’


The power of easily connecting with talented individuals through the internet has made it possible for songwriters to pull in the perfect pro for every piece of their project and get it out into the world in record time. One such quick collaboration is the new single and video for “The Virus Is My God” from Turfseer.

The New York City based songwriter has been writing for quite a long time dating back to his days at Clark University writing a full musical. The gift of creating was there but Turfseer (aka Lewis Papier) never saw himself as a performer. Fortunately in our current times, finding quality singers, pianists, drummers, and even videographers is just a click away. This has enabled Turfseer to release a large catalog of music from albums to full musical productions.

For his latest single “The Virus is My God”, Turfseer wrote the lyrics and a rough piano demo. Through the online gig platform Fiverr, he was able to outsource a full demo including lead vocals, harmonies, guitar, bass, and percussion very quickly. The song was expanded with the help of some other artists to also add backing vocals, harmonica, and live drums. To complete the project an animation pro videographer was brought in to create the visuals to go along with the song.

Turfseer pours thought-provoking lyrics into the track while creating a story of the Old West that parallels the perilous present-day situation we currently find ourselves in. The story-telling style is enhanced with a country-tinged sound to draw the listener in close to focus on the lyrics. Influences from Bob Dylan and even The Beatles can be heard in the poignant song with subtle meanings. Give it a few listens to take the story in a few different directions. 

You can keep up with Turfseer on his FACEBOOK and hear more music on SOUNDCLOUD.

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