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Cisco Adler has a history deeply intertwined within the music industry; spending a better part of his life performing and producing music across many different genres. His most prominent works include his part in the beach-rap duo Shwayze as well as producing for the likes of Mike Posner, Cody Simpson, G-Eazy, Adam Lambert, and more. The years of hard work and passion behind each project has paved the way for a fruitful solo career for Cisco.

At the end of March, Cisco released a single titled “Somethin’ More” a bright and cheerful song that accompanied the announcement of some tour dates across the United States. It’s been well over a year since Cisco has hit the road, but when Indie Band Guru asked him if he was nervous about anything he instead said “It’s like being able to take a big breath again.” The time away has given him the tour bug and created a need for him to go out and play for fans that want to see him most.

Today Cisco released a music video for his single “Somethin’ More,” a happy-go-lucky tune that bursts with positivity. Working passionately alongside director, Brennan Pierson , Cisco created his vision of a “lost, hippy world stuck-in-time.” The video has a Rainbow Bridge (Jimmy Hendrix documentary from 1972) vibe and features a day in the life for Cisco; simple, flowers, smiles, and some overalls. He worked hard to make sure that the visuals for the music video matched the sound of the song perfectly, crafting a beautiful viewing experience.

With such a positive and bright message in “Somethin’ More,” it’s clear that Adler leads an optimistic and cheerful life. No matter the pressures of day-to-day life, Cisco ensures that he never takes for granted just how amazing it is to be alive every day. He believes that happiness is a choice, and that you have to architect the best of your existence when things get rough. Being able to focus on what you love helps create peace within your life, and part of releasing this music for Adler helped him create his own peace.

“I’m happy right now,” he leaves off. “I’ve been on this journey obsessed with my craft and songwriting. I truly believe this is a natural place for me to be as a musician. With this album, I’m just hitting my stride, baby. And I’m hitting it butt-naked in boots and a hat!”

On top of the music video release, Cisco finally gave fans the details on Hippieland, his upcoming full-length album he had briefly teased earlier this year. The album is set to drop on June 14th, 2019 via Bananabeat Records, Adler’s own record label. Basking in the beauty of his studio in Malibu, California, Cisco wrote and produced the entire album and performed vocals, acoustic, bass, and drums with collaborator Martin Estrada on electric guitar.

Hippieland takes years of working and creating music of every genre, and finally creates something that is authentically Cisco Adler. The album is inspired by his search for his own truth, going all the way back to his childhood and the things that shaped him and up through to seeing the world through his son’s eyes.

“This is a roadmap to finding my truth.”

This album is personal for Cisco, each song a different part of who he is and how he was raised. Growing up barefoot in the sands of Hawaii, Adler has a strong connection to nature and the ocean and that comes through in Hippieland. The endless summer-vibes radiate and uplift you as you play every track, “It’s an escape,” he affirms. “Hopefully, you feel refreshed after listening.” Regardless of what you feel after giving Hippieland a listen, Cisco feels it important that it evokes some sort of emotion from you. Every artist hopes that their work is understood, but Cisco wants this album to become relatable to listeners.

” I can’t tell you what to feel, but I hope that listening will make you feel SOMETHING.”

The rest of the year holds non-stop creation for Adler as he finishes up producing and mentoring several different artists such as PHEM. With his work never-ending, Cisco is continuously learning and developing himself as an artist and is never running out of things to be inspired by. Hoping to keep his forward momentum up, Cisco hopes that the rest of 2019 holds nothing short of constant awesomeness and happiness every day. You can find the dates of the Spring 2019 tour below, and be sure to keep in touch with Cisco via social media.

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