IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… The KOMPOZITOR


One of the biggest uses of music is to create emotions and moods. Our recent discovery THE KOMPOZITOR has mastered this ability with his electronic music sound. We had a chance to chat with him to see how it all comes together and where he is going next. Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us about how the name THE KOMPOZITOR came to be?
– Originally I’ve had a name Mista Al, but it sounded like I’m doing beats or hip hop music only (which I wasn’t haha). So, I wanted to have a new name that will tell people: “Hey, I can create or compose lots of different genres, cause making one genre is boring to me.” So, I spelled Russian word “композитор” ( which means “composer”) with English letters and here it go – it sounds right to my music. 

How would you describe your music?
– My every (except maybe few) track is an “imagine” story, you can always tell that by the name of the composition. It’s like you are watching a movie or fantasizing about something. So, I’d describe my music as a genre – electrostory haha
Basically, imagine your own movie with your own soundtrack.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?
– My biggest influence will be – The Prodigy (from UK). First time I’ve heard “Music For Jilted Generation” (their second album) – it blown my mind. Liam (music maker) is a freaken genius as a musician. 

What is it that pushes you to create music?
– Emotions and imagination. Day by day you go through different emotions and I use that to put them into music. That’s why it’s always different moods in my tracks: sad, happy, fast, slow, melancholy and etc… 

How does a song come together for THE KOMPOZITOR? What is your songwriting process?
– Always different stages. Depends on the mood: good mood – I start to create melody with good vibes; bad mood – I create melody with sad or little depressing vibes and etc… sometimes (when I just experiment around) I create an interesting beat and than try put story on top of it (imagination again haha)
Process could be from few hours to few days.. few times I’ve had 2 weeks for one track.

Share some advice for other artists trying to find their own path in music.
– At the point where I stand right now – I need an advise to myself haha I’m still new, but one thing so far – don’t stop to create and invest in yourself.

What does the future hold for THE KOMPOZITOR?
– Hopefully I’ll get my compositions into movies or TV series or video games – this is where I’m trying to hit. Once I’ll get that chance – I will not letting it go. 
Also, I’ve got new mini album release in July 23rd. It’s gonna be more on positive side and good chilling vibes.

Look for “The Kompozitor – This Is Not An Album” on release date and you can follow me on social media to stay updated.

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