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There are many artists behind the star that make them sound as professional as they do. These people behind the scenes get the chance to see first hand how it all works. This gives them a leg up when they decide to step out into the limelight. Our new friend MOSHUP is one of these people.

We had the chance to chat with the sound blending music producer to get a look into his new solo career. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what is the story behind the name MOSHUP?

There is an old Mohegan Tribe tale about Moshup The Giant. He represents all the large and great beings, so, to achieve balance he marries the leader of the Little People. This resonated a lot with me, as one of the main things we try to achieve as artists is ‘balance’.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound flirts with commercial Pop Music and Future Funk, adding elements from Electronica and R&B. I blend sounds we have never heard, with the familiar ones we like. I want my music to be an experience, that’s why aesthetics are a big part of the MOSHUP sound. 

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

The strange thing is that I grew up as a ‘rock’ kid; so I tend to look for influences in not the obvious places. If you see my playlist is all a sense-less mumbo-jumbo that goes from Rock, to Latin Music, to Classical, to Trap…. so I grab elements from everything more than a specific artist.

What drove your decision to move into a solo career?

I have been fortunate to tour the world with amazing artists, going to places I never would have been to and playing arenas; so the next obvious step was for me to have my own voice and move people in my own way.  

Your debut single “HOLLYWOOD” is chock full on unique energy. Tell us how that one came together?

“HOLLYWOOD” is a hotel child. I started working on this while touring and it went through lots of changes before it got to where it is now. The song got its stride when I came out with that high pitch vocal/synth line that starts from the intro and goes throughout the whole song.  Basically, I grabbed some demo vocals I had done, chopped it, put it into a sampler so I was able to play my own voice in a keyboard as an instrument, processed it a hell lot, and voila. 

The lyrics came out fast, add a little whiskey and there you go. 

What do you hope the listener will experience with your music?

I want people to sing, move and to hear and feel something new every time they listen to my music.

Share some advice for other artists creating unique music?

Find your own sound. Don’t be afraid to discover elements you like from strange places. Get inspired by other artists, use it and then let your own take shine through. A hell lot of it will suck, but that’s how you stumble upon new sonics and art.

Give us a glimpse into the future of MOSHUP? 

I’m incredibly excited about the future of this project. I got a lot of music in me that you need to hear. if you liked “HOLLYWOOD” just wait for what’s to come 🙂 

Keep tabs on MOSHUP on his INSTAGRAM.

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