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In the quest to become a professional artist, one must be willing to take big chances and flow with the punches. Whether it be trying different sounds, altering band lineups, or moving to a new city in search of a different music scene, take a shot and make the most of it. Our recent discovery Jonathan Plevyak is all in and doing what it takes to pursue his dream. 
We had a chance to catch up with him and get a better look into what makes him tick. Enjoy the interview here:
First off, is Plevyak a band or a singer/songwriter project?

-A little bit of both. I started out a couple years ago just releasing music under my full name, Jonathan Plevyak. But musically I always wanted to be bigger than that. I’ve always gravitated towards the full band sound and live show. I was having a hard time getting on bills with bands or at certain venues because I think a Singer/Songwriter artist name wasn’t what a lot of people were looking for even though they didn’t know we had this really cool band and live show thing going. I was also having a hard time with people remembering my name because its kind’ve a long name. So about a year and a half ago I dropped my first name from things and started performing and releasing under just my last name Plevyak. It’s been really awesome because I have an awesome band that tours with me and writes with me and it really is a band. But I have the full flexibility to market myself how I want and still be an artist when I want. So the best of both worlds. People have been able to remember it easier which is always nice and its been a lot easier getting on bills and venues that typically book bands.
How would you describe your sound?-Summed up, I’d say Pop/Rock. But I think we have a lot of variety in our sound. I have so many influences from so many music genres and they are all apart of me. The guys in my band have also influenced me and have turned me onto a lot of amazing music. We are releasing a debut EP in August which is mostly a collection of all the singles we’ve been putting out. I think its a cool mixtape of what we are capable of musically. Some songs are pretty poppy. Some are very traditional singer/songwriter. Some have strong R&B and some 80’s vibes. It’s a nice mix. I want to have a cohesive sound, but never want to be tied to one genre. I feel like these days, people just want to hear a good song and don’t care about genre as much. 


Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

-AC/DC will forever be the band that got me into music and guitar. Foo Fighters and John Mayer got me into songwriting and singing. I would say those 3. As of recent influences, I love The 1975, Corey Harper, Ryan Adams, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Kacey Musgraves and Fleetwood Mac. 



What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for Plevyak?

-It depends. I kind of have 3 different writing processes depending on the song. A lot of times I write the song completely myself acoustically and bring it to the band or my producer and we make it come to life musically. Some songs I completely co-write with my band. And then some songs I co-write with some of my Nashville crew. I feel like having those tight-knitit writing choices is really fun and is very efficient. It always guarantees something fresh and helps avoid good ole writers block.


Relocating from Maryland to Nashville is a big step. Compare the two music scenes for us?-Thank you! It took a little longer than I originally planned to get down here, but it couldn’t have worked out better and feels so good to finally be here! Baltimore has a great music scene. There’s actually a huge Reggae Scene there. As well as an amazing Jazz scene and some amazing Indie Rock bands. People in Baltimore love their music and I’m happy to be apart of the scene there. Nashville obviously has such an amazing Country and Pop scene and feels a lot more commercial. I feel like back home, theres more of an emphasis and passion for the live show and here in Nashville, its for the song.


What advice would you give to other artists trying to get noticed?

-Thats a great question. As an artist still trying to navigate that myself, theres so much I’ve learned. Number one would be to run your music as a business and with a business mindset. It’s okay to not master every social media app out there. Find one or two that you enjoy the most and stick to building those up.  I would say try to put together the best live show you possibly can. Get together a small team of friends or people in the industry that believe in you and try to find a mentor who can help steer you in the right direction musically and on a business end. 


What is the future plan for Plevyak?

-I would say to just keep growing. In a lot of ways I feel like this journey has really just begun. Im excited to be in a new region and demographic area. Obviously, keep continuing to write and release new content. Right now top priority is just continuing to get out there, put on some great live shows, and be on the road a lot. My short term goal includes hopefully getting us as a opener for a more national touring act.
Keep up with Plevyak on his WEBSITE.

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