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Music can be as good as medicine sometimes. It has often been used to help people in a variety of ways. Our recent discovery ReyMarie has taken this to a new level for herself and sharing her talents to help others that struggle with mental health issues.

We caught with her to get even deeper into her music and her cause. Enjoy the interview here:

Hi ReyMarie. First off, what draws you to creating music?

There are many ways in how I create a song. We would be here all day and night if I told you everything. Sometimes I may write my song first then make a music track for it or vice versa. I read different things like books, magazines, etc to get new ideas. I even use a dictionary or thesaurus when constructing a song. One time I was stuck because I wanted to write a love song but I did not know what to title it, so I turned on my computer and the word gateway just came up so that was going to be the tile of my song. Gateway. Like the Gateway to my heart. Also, I may listen to instrumentals and just start writing. As I said before there is no set process with how I write a song and we would be talking for hours and hours of how I construct a song but those are a few ways I come up with ideas.

How would you describe your original sound?

I listen to different genres of music but pop rock would be my favorite. When I am making music I create from the heart. I’m trying to be universal but I make my music in a way that’s a little different so when someone hears my song they know it’s me. They hear this amazing song and they know it cannot be someone else, but to be honest I could not tell you what makes it different. It just is. True originality cannot be explained because it comes out naturally.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on your development?

When it comes to songwriting I get a lot of my influence from Sia. Her songs are powerful and inspiring and that is how I want my music to come across. When I am writing from the heart and just learning to be more raw when I sing I listen to Demi. A lot. She experiences things that I can relate to. Seeing her prosper is hope that no matter what you deal with you can be happy too.

How do you choose the songs that you do cover versions of?

When I cover songs I always find something that I can connect with, otherwise I feel like I have no business singing it. I love listening to Demi because of that reason. She is emotive and sings from the heart. That is how music is supposed to be sung.

You speak a lot about mental health. What drives your passion for the subject?

I was diagnosed around 17 years old with mental disorders and it was not always understood at home. It is understandable that someone may not be familiar with a certain illness or disorder but there are so many resources to learn about it. If I had a friend with certain issues I read about it at least a little bit to better understand how to help them or interact with them. Why cant everyone do that? Some people I have spoken to have worse situations than I did and I do not think that is right especially with family members, so that is why I want to speak out more and to speak my truth. It could help someone and no deserves to feel alone in this. Mental illness is no joke.

Has music helped you overcome some of these issues?

Music is my way to work through my feelings. Before I became a songwriter I wrote in a journal quite a bit. It has always been a therapeutic process for me because I find it hard to express through spoken word.

What do you hope for the listener to take away from a ReyMarie song?

I am all about inspiring people and spreading love because it is sorely needed in our world today. My songs are written in that way for that reason. There needs to be more positivity and us all encouraging each other to do better and be better, not just for others but also ourselves.

What advice would you give to other artists using music to help themselves and others?

Focus on what you love and keep doing it. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone do something they love just for the love of it and sharing it with others. We all have something to give and you can only do that by being true to yourself. Keep at it and you will reach people because they see that consistency and reliability. 

Where do you see ReyMarie in a year from now?

I see big things for my future and I want to be a songwriter for music industry artists.  Eventually I would love to work with Safehouse Records which is owned by Demi Lovato.

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