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Sydneys armour

Amazing music seems to be coming from everywhere lately. Bands that are able to use their multiple influences to create new original music can find the best of both worlds. They capture fans of the music they are influenced by but are fresh enough to grow fans from all types of music lovers. Our latest find  Sydney’s Armour is a beach rock band from Westerly, Rhode Island. They have a full album coming in June. 

We had a chance to catch up with the band and see how their development has happened and find thier plans for the future. Enjoy the interview: 


First off, tell us about the name Sydney’s Armour. Where did that come from?

– When we first started playing music together busking in Watch Hill we met this girl named Sydney and the name just kinda stuck. She lived in like, North Carolina or something I don’t even think she knows there’s a band named after her.


How would you describe your sound?

– I’d say we have a big range of sounds because we’re always getting inspired by so many genres and artists. We started off very beachy and surf sounding but I think we’ve been evolving from that to many other genres like synth pop and progressive rock. 


Which bands have been the biggest inspirations for Sydneys Armour?

– JC and the Boys


What is the songwriting process for the band?





We hear you have an album coming out this summer. Tell us about how that is developing?

– We started writing most of it this past December, just locking ourselves in our studio and writing for hours non-stop. There’s really a song for everyone on the record, we’ve really come out of our shells and made something that has real depth and intricacies. 


What advice would you give to other bands trying to break through?

– Just work. Keep making consistent and good sounds. Be creative, and never stay idle. 


What is on the horizon for Sydney’s Armour?

– We’ve got an album set to release in June that is some of our best work. Hopefully, play some shows and have people hear the new sounds. As always, keep writing.  


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