The ‘Sweet Unknown’ is as Sweet and Inspiring as you Would Hope Thanks to Erika Wennerstrom

Erika Wennerstrom

Erika Wennerstrom is taking a break from Austin-based rock band Heartless Bastards, and instead is taking a dive into a world of the Sweet Unknown.


After the Heartless Bastards hiatus, Wennerstrom took a quick break and explored her own independent talent. This resulted in her debut album, Sweet Unknown. The LP hit the shelves on March 23, first streaming on Consequence of Sound.


The whole album includes a smooth and relaxing voice by Erika Wennerstrom accompanied by dreamy and encouraging instrumentals. The tone keeps you feeling good and hopeful for something great to happen.


Erika Wennerstrom Gives us Exactly What we Needed From the ‘Sweet Unknown’


The album opens with “Twisted Highway.” This song is a whole 5 minutes and 30 seconds of anthemic and inspiring sound giving off road-trip vibes. The song is saturated, in a great way, with electric guitars and an incredible rhythm that makes you want to get moving. The vocals are also encouraging and lead us smoothly through the piece.


“Extraordinary Love” is the next song on the album and also guitar heavy. The dreamy, echoed vocals make it a sweet song to listen to and the lyrics keep you wanting more. Its inspiring tones fit in with the rest of album, promoting self-love and getting yourself to allow good things to happen.


“Letting Go” used a more country side to express her message. Wennerstrom’s vocals remain warm and gritty but pair well with the toe-tapping tone of this song.


“Like a Bird” gives us a beautiful message of self-acceptance and encourages us to open up and “let the good things come.” The vocals are a bit higher in tone.


The album closes up with “Gravity” and it’s the perfect end. It’s a longer, slower number giving us closure and assurance that everything will be okay. The electric guitar is sweet and melodic with an optimistic feel. The vocals are brilliant and transport you into the world of healing. Wennerstrom’s inspiration for this song was her process of physical therapy that lead to her mental healing. This is definitely felt through the song and makes it an incredibly beautiful piece.


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