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The Americans

Any good band that stays together will continue to grow and refine their sound. The key will always be to stay true to who you really are. Our recent discovery The Americans has shown both growth and personal truth in their music.

We caught up with the Americana-based rockers for a little more insight into who they are and where they are going. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, how did the name The Americans come about?
We named the band after the Robert Frank photo series. When we started writing, a lot of our songs seemed like portraits of everyday people, which had something in common with that photo collection.

How would you describe your music without any of the boring generic genre descriptions?
We spent years playing almost nothing but traditional American music—rural blues, string band music, then rockabilly. We bring all of that to our original music.

Which bands have had the greatest influence on you?
Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joanna Newsom. And the first generation of blues singers, like Bukka White, Robert Wilkins, Skip James, and Charley Patton.

What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for The Americans?
Usually one of us will have some music, or we’ll come up with it together. We start with something small, a riff or a progression, that really works on its own, and try to build a song around it without compromising the original idea too much. I [Patrick] typically write the words after that.

Tell us about your latest album Stand True
We wrote Stand True together over several months, then recorded it in five days, with the basic tracking done live to tape. It’s a step forward from our last album I’ll Be Yours, toward whatever it is we’re chasing after. There are some portraits on there for sure, as well as some more personal songs about breakups and loss.

What do you hope that the listener takes away from your music?
The hope is that someone will connect with the music the way we do, have a glimpse into what we’re creating, and share that.

Share some advice for other hard-working bands striving for success in the new music industry?
I mean, we could probably use some advice ourselves…. One thing that was helpful for us was to dive as deeply as we could into the music that means the very most to us, to really try to figure it out. Then you’ll always have a point of reference when it’s time to make your own.

What does the future hold for The Americans?

We have a new EP coming out in July titled “Strays,” and can’t wait for you to hear it!

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