Let go of your “Pride” and check out the new hit from Intricate Folk

Intricate Folk

Intricate Folk is a very fitting name for the next artist that I’m going to be talking about.

In the simplest terms, this Los Angeles artist is very…. intricate. To say the least. The latest mix from this mix master, “Pride (The Vibe Mix),” combines the sounds of funk with an electronic twist, and might I say, it’s quite successful. With the help of Yahz Chyld, this track turns into something you could really blast through your speakers during the summer.

Intricate Folk, Intricate Mixes

With just the right amount of easy listening, and the right blend of mixed audio to give it that little extra something, this definitely has a sound that could put it on the top of the charts. Starting off, there’s a funky sound to it that doesn’t quite sound like classic funk, but something with a very modern spin to it. Of course, this is proved true when the vocals kick in and there’s a sultry R&B sound that blasts through your headphones, making it sound like a brand new track with a not-so-brand-new beat.

Sometimes you might think you need to let classic sounds stay in the past, but I believe that this one hits it right out of the park. The vocals blend so nicely with the beat that it just seems so natural. The computerized sounds that are introduced within the track really complement it well, and although it may seem a bit repetitive, it’s extremely catchy.

The funky guitar number in the background only adds to the perfection of this track overall, and combines so nicely with every other aspect of the track that there’s really nothing to complain about here. Overall, I’d have to say that this is a really nice blend of funk, electronic, and R&B music, and it’s definitely not like anything I’ve ever heard before. A definite 10/10 all the way around. (Insert thumbs up emoji here.)

You can check out “Pride (The Vibe Mix),” and more from Intricate Folk, over on SoundCloud.


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