There are many times when a push is needed to begin the formation of a musical group.  Goals need to be set and deadlines need to be met for any successful group to prosper.  That spark must be nurtured and members must follow through and enjoy doing it.  Things seem to be falling into place for our recent discovery Ivvár.


Hailing from the somewhat isolated area of Tromsø, Norway, the alternative rock band formed from some interesting beginnings.  A call put into Jon Iver for the need of a band to entertain the closing party of a conference was the jumpstart for what would become Ivvar.  He started writing songs and recruiting band members for the upcoming performance.  The show happened and the response was great.  There was a chemistry in the band and it was decided to see where this could go.  A full lineup was searched out consisting of Jon Iver – Vocal/guitar, Magnus L.Kristoffersen – Guitar/vocals, Magnus Tornensis – Drums, Frank Cock – Guitar, and Steffen Rasmussen – Bass.  The group had some big time believers and the Sami Parliament of Norway believed in the band so much that they were willing to financial support Ivvar in the recording of their first full length studio album.

The result is the latest release by Ivvar Moonflower.  The 7 song record was produced by Acclaimed US producer Ben Grosse (30 Seconds to Mars, Marilyn Manson, Sevendust, Disturbed, Depeche Mode, Ben Folds, etc.)  The effect is heard right away on the opening title track “Moonflower”.  The band fills your ears with anthemic sound and vocals that build to epic levels.  Enjoy the music video here:

The group uses their native language for another huge song “Efialtis”.  I may not understand the lyrics but the emotion of the song shines through.  There is a progressive feel to “Angel Face” with its intricate guitar work and interesting drum patterns.  This is a highly skilled and technical band.  “Crash” jumps right out at you with an intense energy that grabs your attention and refuses to let go with its high energy attack.  The closer “Reboot” puts it all together with energy and power that leaves the listener wanting more.  I for one am very excited to hear more this part of the world.  Get a taste for yourself at:

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