We always like to dig deep into what has influenced a lot of the original music we hear today.  A name that has come up often in the experimental dance music genre is the band Liquid Liquid.  We had a chance to sit down with founding member/percusionist Dennis Young recently as he has a new record coming out featuring some songs that were written back in his days with the band.

Dennis Young

Dennis, you started playing music at an early age. Besides drums what instruments did you experiment with?

DY I was also experimenting with synthesizers, percussion(marimba), and electric guitars. Also, using my voice to create sounds

What were your early musical influences? 

DY: Early Genesis, Can, King Crimson, Beatles, Mike Oldfield to name a few.

You have been writing music for a very long time. How would you say the music industry has changed?

DY: There are many more musicians/bands who can be heard now due to the internet and who can create instant music now with only a laptop. It creates an overload of music where the really good musicians/bands can be buried out there on the web.

Your band Liquid Liquid was at the forefront of the post punk/post disco scene. Where did the ideas for those early songs come from?

DY: We had all many different influences but it was just the chemistry between us that really created that very original sound.

Many bands claim Liquid Liquid as an influence, what does that mean to you?

DY : It is always great to hear because I always wanted to create music where younger musicians would take ideas from and go one step better.

Now we hear you are releasing a new record Reel to Real. Where did these songs come from?

DY: I really don’t know to tell you the truth. The music was recorded live & was part of a learning curve as I experimented with voice and sound using various instruments.

You have used some “older” technology on your music. How do you feel about the modern advances in recording?

DY: I really miss the analog synthesizer sound. They were much warmer in sound then what we hear today in most modern music.

How did you hook up with Staubgold Records for this new release?

DY: I emailed them over a few of the songs and they really liked it. The music will be out on both CD and vinyl on February 3rd. It will be also available to download online.

What are the goals for this record? What does the future hold for Dennis Young?

DY: I don’t really have a goal except to say even if you never heard of Liquid Liquid you will find something on “Reel to Real” that you probably will enjoy listening too. The future to me is always the great unknown but I will still try to keep exploring new ways of creating music. Stay tuned.

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