Jagertown Invites You To The Party


There is much more to a music career than just a collection of great songs. The best bands win a real connection with their fans that leads to their undying support. Creating this community is what sets up the bands that have long lasting careers and those that flash and then burn out just as quickly. The band Jagertown has been building that momentum for years and is on the verge of exploding onto the big stage.

The band based in Salt Lake City, Utah is made up of Preston Creed (lead vocals, guitar), Elizabeth Anderson (fiddle/violin, vocals), Jesse Brooks (bass, vocals), Demitri Mannos (drums), and Danny Boyd (lead guitar). Together as Jagertown, they produce a rocking country sound that has become the life of the party.

Over the past 10 years, Jagertown has grown a huge fanbase organically throughout the West Coast of America. These fans, known as ‘Jager Nation’, have helped the band grow and supported them in every way. The crowds at a Jagertown show have become legendary as the band grew from local clubs to festival headliner.

“Line ‘em up, shoot ‘em down. There’s a party going on in Jagertown”

The band is now releasing their fourth studio album. This one titled Small Town Superstars. There is no lack of confidence in the band members or their in your face approach. On the tails of the charting success of the lead single “She Won’t Be Lonely”, Jagertown just released the title track “Small Town Superstars”.

The song is the epitome of what Jagertown is, a party right from the start. Preston’s powerful vocals grab the listener’s attention as the “ohs and ahs” of the background vocals invite the crowd to join in. The guitar provides a unique country/rock tone that adds to the excitement. This is one that will ignite the crowds on the coast to coast ‘That’s Why I Drink’ tour

Keep up with Jagertown on their WEBSITE and welcome to the party.