Jake Ward is Back And Restless

Jake Ward

A secret can only be kept for so long. We introduced the pop country sound of Jake Ward on the pages of IndieBandGuru back in June of last year. He has continued to push ahead and is now back with another track that is ready to step up his fan base even more.

Jake has been ingrained in music from an early age. As a boy, he fondly recalls sitting in the back seat of the car listening to Elvis, the Beach Boys, the Eagles, Johnny Cash, George Strait, and other performers from many eras and musical traditions.  His great grandfather was a legendary local fiddle player in rural Oklahoma during the Depression, and his maternal grandparents were missionaries who taught and recorded music. Music is a part of life for Ward.

Jake Ward Is At The Heart of Texas Country Music

The Texas region is already very familiar with the country-Americana sound of Jake Ward. His last 2 singles “Take my Hand” and “Lonely Street” both reached #1 on Texas Regional Radio Report. Now he is back with “Restless”.



This is pure beauty in the genre. An engaging song with the sweet yet powerful voice of Jake Ward leading the way. Most of us can relate to the lyrics of loving a girl who may just be too restless to settle down with. The full sonic landscape is filled with sound as the band puts it all together for a perfect atmosphere. Even some fantastic violin in there.

Jake is currently recording his second full-length record scheduled for release in the fall of 2017. Keep an eye and ear out on his WEBSITE and SOUNDCLOUD pages.

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