Jamie Burke Brings Out Her ‘White Dress’

Jamie Burke

Some of us are lucky enough to get a look at our possible future ahead of time by watching our parent’s footsteps. Sometimes this is a warning to choose a different path. Other times it strengthens our dedication to achieve our goals. For our recent discovery Jamie Burke, it seems to be the latter.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the music industry by following her radio legend father around. The passion for music was implemented early in Jamie Burke. After graduating High School, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to dive into her dreams. Her career began to pick up steam as she expanded her skills as a model, author, and fashion designer/stylist. 

In 2019 Jamie Burke moves to New York City for more opportunities and inspiration. It seems to have struck with music flowing and a new EP Unexpected coming later this summer. June 15th saw the release of her lead single “White Dress” complete with an imaginative music video. 

The sound combines her Country influences with a Pop sound that makes it a fun listen for a wide variety of fans. Her vocals are strong but have a raw emotion in them. There are feelings in these words that can be very relatable. 

The video is very well produced using some great New York City backdrops for some truly stunning visuals. Jamie Burke is truly a pop star in the making.

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