Jasmine Ash Confronts Fears With “High Wire”

jasmine ash

Singer/songwriter Jasmine Ash began her musical career in college aiming for melodies that were catchy and uplifting and productions that were filled with warmth and energy.

ASL was the artist’s first language and this likely lends a unique style of writing and way of thinking to her music. The end result is music that channels pop and electronic while maintaining a sense of intimacy. Her songs are “inspiring and emotional yet direct and fun.”

Singer/songwriter Jasmine Ash is back with her latest single, “High Wire.” Ash notes it is a song about “taking risks and facing your fears” and the video reflects this with the artist confronting her fear of dancing in public.

Ash penned the single and album with Grammy Award winning producer, Rich Jacques, and says of their collaboration, “Rich was really instrumental in pushing me (in a good way) to release the song and write some more materials that could be part of the Jasmine Ash artist project. Once we decided that we were going to make more songs, the fun began and Rich invited Daniel Pashman in to help co-write and co-produce and the rest is history.”

Ash goes on to say that, “It was a great trio, our energies matched, our taste in music were complimentary as well. It was a super fun and memorable 4-5 months creating a new sound for me and some new songs to boot that I could really get behind and want to release as an artist. And so the idea for an EP came to fruition.”

“High Wire”, is part of a series of monthly releases that will culminate in an album at the end of the year. Keep up with more HERE.

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