Philip Marino

Philip Marino has a reputation for creating songs with a captivating storytelling quality with an acoustic soundtrack. You can hear this combination at work on “The Devil You Know” which was released earlier in the year.  

Now Marino has returned with his new single “Stay” which sees a change to his musical formula. He has switched his beloved acoustic to an electric guitar to provide the core sound of this song. He has also enlisted the help of Louisa Charrington (percussion & backing vocals), Pamela Grieve (fiddle), and Adam Bowers (bass) to create more depth to this release.

From the opening of “Stay” this use of his electric guitar comes into play. His gentle strumming pattern creates a toe-tapping groove as an introduction to his story. Then his tale begins with the lines “Feeling a fool / Who had nothing to say / I tried to keep it cool / But only lost my way”.

In the beginning, “Stay” was written about the end of a relationship. Over time it evolved as a tale about finding yourself again after making it through a difficult time. There is an honest emotion seeping throughout the song as if he is speaking from experience. This type of storytelling has come from learning from his musical heroes such as John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan.

Marino’s storytelling qualities sound no better than during its chorus. His words, “I’m moving that old stone / And I’m gettin’ out of my own way / Yeah I found my way home / And I want to stay” pack an emotional punch. This impactful moment is helped along by the backing vocals by Charrington.

Philip Marino always impresses with his storytelling qualities as “Stay” can testify

Overall, “Stay” is yet another great showcase of the songwriting by Philip Marino. The addition of the electric guitar as added a new dimension to his music that does not feel out of place. It will no doubt enhance his captivating storytelling talent, especially during his shows. Check out his tour schedule as he will be busy performing live.

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